Tisch 01

1. Choose from either:

'Design Only' - for purchasing a customized manufacturable CNC file (.DXF) that can be used for DIY purposes.


'Design + Production' - for ordering a finished customised table ready for assembly at Home

2. Customize your Design:

Using the configurator panels above to adjust parameters like Length, Width, Height and the Radius on the corners.  You can also adjust the positioning of the legs based on their distance from the corners.

If you are ordering a finished table from us, you can choose from the list of currently available materials - Plywood, Valchromat or Solid Wood.

Once complete, you can also personalize the table by having your details engraved into the piece.

3. Once an Order is made:

We will be in touch to confirm all the details and let you know when your table will be completed and delivered - Current lead time 4-5 weeks.

If you have ordered a CNC file for DIY production, we will prepare the file and then email it to you (within 1-2 days) along with documentation and technical drawings to help you though the making process.